Keep your fleet under control

GEO2Track system is the best solution for transport companies. A device installed in the vehicle monitors all the data, which allows for full control in real time. The system can identify current location, traveled routes and speed of vehicles. Our new user panel focused on ease of use is perfectly designed for modern fleet managers and delivers numerous overlapping technologies monitoring the vehicles. GEO2Track system is an effective control solution, which provides cost savings and increases the efficiency of vehicle fleet management.


Seciurity of your vehicle

GEO2Track is also the perfect solution for protection against theft. It lets you locate your device on a map in a web browser, smartphone or tablet, at any time. GEO2Track system offers many unique features such as power cut alarm or share/save give feedback on a map to previously designated person or people. Our device is resistant to jamming. If there is no GSM coverage, the GPS data is stored in the device's memory with a capacity of up to 15 hours and it is sent shortly when you have an internet connection back.

Active protection of your property

GEO2Track guarantees a better protection of your property, goods or home. Our GPS-based tracking system provides an active protection of objects 24 hours a day.The precise location can increase the security of cargo, freight, containers and any other valuable items. GEO2Track enables live monitoring on the map, creating geo-fences, and viewing tracking history.

Feel safer with alarms

GEO2Track allows you to set alerts that you can receive directly to your smartphone or tablet in the form of a system notification , as an SMS or e-mail and via phone call when you activate GEO2Track Monitoring Centre service. The alerts notify you e.g. when the system detects any movement of an object, when the speed limit is exceeded and also when the device is cut off from the power source. Thanks alerts in case of any fraud detection, you can instantly notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities

Security of your loved ones

When young people get a driver's license and sit behind the wheel of a car, they think they are invincible. Unfortunately, the statistics show otherwise. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among people aged 18 to 25 years. Although not all young people want to drive recklessly, but strong 'peer pressure' from their colleagues made them push gas pedal a little harder, trying to convince friends about the skills behind the wheel.

GEO2Track is an antidote to the pressures to drive in a dangerous manner. The system allows parents to sit in the virtual passenger seat of the vehicle 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Parents can monitor the current position of the vehicle, check the history of travelled routes and when the speed is exceeded, receive an instant notification via SMS. This gives parents peace of mind and encourages young people to drive safely and responsibly.

GEO2Track also allows you to protect your loved ones and employees in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. You can check the last saved location and act immediately, even if the phone is turned off or the battery is discharged. At any time you can listen to the device's microphone. The built-in SOS button will notify you of any alarming situation.

Your pets' safety

According to the latest statistics, approximately every 3 seconds, a pet is lost. Don't let your pet be one of them. From now on, no matter where you are, you will always know where your pets are and where they go. A small tracker strapped to the collar delivers numerous overlapping technologies monitoring your pet including: current location, tracking history and the speed with which it moves. GEO2Track system is also an effective tool for monitoring and protecting farm animals and endangered species.