•          Reduce fuel and labor costs

•          Improve fleet safety

•          Protect against theft

•          Extend the life of your vehicles

•          Compare your drivers efficiency

•          Provide more accurate payroll


GEO2TRACK.COM provides:

•          User friendly interface

•          Comprehensive reports

•          Instant alerts (sms, email, voice)

•          Unlimited tracking history

•          Android and iOS apps

•          Reliable tracking device

•          Excellent customer service



Comprehensive User Friendly Interface

GEO2TRACK is a web-based software that allows you to track your vehicles from any location and from any device with an internet connection. Track your vehicles with automatic updates without the need to refresh the screen. As we are a software house, we are constantly advancing our customizable and user-friendly platform based on customer requests.

Custom-Built Reports and Alerts

We provide a wide range of customizable reports and alerts designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Our reports are always clear, accurate and easy to understand. It can be easily generated by custom periods or fixed periods for example: by weeks or moths. Reports can be automatically emailed to predefined addresses. 

Unlimited Tracking History Storage

Most tracking providers serve maximum 6 months data storage. data is recorded and stored on our servers indefinitely. You can use your very own “Big Data” to identify trends, detect patterns and glean other valuable findings.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer support representatives are always online! Call us +48 300 52 00 or use a chat form on our website and ask us about everything, even issues outside our scope of support, to find out how we are doing.